Corporate, Civic and Fundraising Events

Harn Homestead BarnThe Event Barn is a great place to host your event. This two-story 3,000 square foot rock and cedar barn holds 200-250 guests for a sit-down event or up to 500 guests for a reception. The Barn is heated for those chilly winter months and three stories of Barn doors open out on the North and South ends to provide air during the warmer months.

You may also use the lawn in front of the Event Barn to set up tables and chairs, put up a tent, or use for children’s activities such as our historic lawn games. 


Facility Rental Packages

Corporate Rate: $1,500 (rate available Thursdays & Fridays)
Nonprofit Large:
Nonprofit Small:
$1,000 (rate available Thursdays & Fridays)
$500 (rate available Thursdays & Fridays)
Capacity: 200 Seated; 500 Standing; 1,500 Outdoors
Availability: 4 hours
Security: $35 per hour/per guard 

Museum Admission Fees

For daytime and evening events, a 20% fee will be added to the room rental if arrangements are made for guests to tour the Harn House. Tours of the Harn House must be scheduled before 10:00 P.M. No event coordinators, participants or guests will be granted admission to the exhibit areas without prior arrangements.


Non-refundable deposits and a signed contract are necessary to guarantee the rental. Initial deposit totaling 50% of the rental is due at time of contracting; remaining 50% of the rental is due 60 days before the event. Both payments are non-refundable. Variables such as security overtime, museum admission fees, property damage fees and any unusual requirements the day of the event will be billed after the event. Reservation will be dropped and the contract determined null and void if not returned, signed with deposit, within 60 days of issuance.

Sponsors Eligible to Receive Preferred Use of the Museum for Special Event

Join our sponsors who have teamed with the Harn Homestead Museum. Companies, both small and large, and individuals have found that Museum sponsorship makes good business sense.

Not only can premium corporate and individual sponsors take pride in supporting our historic house museum, these member corporations and individuals also receive a number of benefits including a one-time rental of the Harn Homestead Museum for an event of their choice. To learn more about sponsorship and benefits, call 405-235-4058.

Book Your Special Event Today

The Harn Homestead accepts bookings one year in advance.

You must make an appointment to view the facility and meet with us to book the event. Please keep viewing parties to a maximum of four people.

Appointments can be made by calling 405-235-4058.