The Harn Homestead is an outdoor experience. Please plan for weather when you visit!

Tour FAQ's

What Does a Visit to the Harn Homestead inciude?

A paid visit includes a Harn House tour usually at the hour or half hour closest to your arrival time. In addition to the Harn House tour, there are five other historic buildings and a large Event Barn available for self-guided walking tour throughout the day. There are limited hands-on activities in the Farmhouse building and a small gift shop in the main office area. Hands-on field trip programming must be scheduled in advance through the museum's Education Director.

The Sign Says You Open at 1:30, But I See People on the Property. Why is the Gate Closed?

Due to limited staff and volunteers, the museum will open to the public at the conclusions of all scheduled field trips and Homeschool Days. Guests are welcome to enter as soon as the  students depart the grounds. When in doubt, contact us in advance about our availability.

Why Aren't You Open on the Weekends?

Most of our weekends are booked for private events and the parties who rent the property would like privacy on their special day, so we make sure to provide that for them. The museum's largest audience are visiting field trip groups and since they typically visit Monday-Friday, this is what works best for all parties here at the Harn Homestead. Please note our Events section on the website for After-Hours and weekend openings occurring seasonally throughout the year.

When do you offer Harn House tours?

We do our best to offer them on the hour and half-hour based upon when visitors arrive and when a staff member is available.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know in Advance?

Food and drink (other than bottled water) is not allowed in the Harn House. Photography is allowed throughout the property. Please remember to tag the Harn Homestead's Facebook page or Instagram on social media rather than the unofficial pages that have popped up in both places.