Tour FAQ's

Why Aren't You Open on the Weekends?

Most of our weekends are booked for private events and the parties who rent the property would like privacy on their special day, so we make sure to provide that for them. The museum's largest audience are visiting field trip groups and since they typically visit Monday-Friday, this is what works best for all parties here at the Harn Homestead.

Why does the Harn House tour require a guide?

We have multiple artifacts inside the Harn House that are on loan from other institutions. Some of the contractual requirements attached to those artifacts are that a staff member or volunteer be present at any time the house is open to the public. We have scheduled three daily tours to try and coincide both with when we most often have visitors and when we will have staff members available to give them. You will also note that field trip groups have greater access within our historic buildings, in particular the Schoolhouse, and that is again because there is a staff member or volunteer present at all times with our visitors.

Why Has a Scheduled Tour Been Postponed or Cancelled?

We are a small staff who is very dependent upon volunteers. If one of them cancels or is unavailable, we often have to teach a field trip group in their place. Due to continual confusion, the museum has opted to remain closed to the public until 1:30 p.m. during our busiest field trip months which are October, November, December, April, and May. 

Is There Anything Else I Should Know in Advance?

Food and drink (other than bottled water) is not allowed in the Harn House. Photography is allowed throughout the property. Please remember to tag the Harn Homestead's Facebook page or Instagram on social media rather than the unofficial pages that have popped up in both places.